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Some thermal binding machines provide a higher heat setting 2019-02-11

Some thermal binding machines provide a higher heat setting forbinding hard covers.Binding Length: Most thermal binding machines are designed for bindingdocuments that are 11” in length. However,choosing the right thermal binding machine for your office cansometimes be difficult.Thermal binding is one of the mostprofessional desktop binding systems available on the market. The best thermalbinding machines will have both an audible and a visual signal showingthe completion of the binding process. Throat Size: Inorder to choose the right binding machine for your needs you will needto anticipate the types of documents that you plan on binding. Temperature Setting:Most thermal binding machines do not have adjustable temperaturesettings. Using these features youshould be able to better decide what thermal binding unit is bestsuited for your organization. . Every machine seems to have its own set offeatures and benefits and it can sometimes be difficult to sort throughthem all. However, a few cheaper units do not have an automatictimer built in. Plastic cooling racks attached to the binding machine canbreak off over time while separate metal cooling racks will dissipateheat faster and can also serve as a document jogger to ensure a higherquality bind. Thermal binding machines are available in widths up to 14” toaccommodate legal sized documents. If the machine does not have a higher heat settingand is not specifically designed for binding hard covers you may needto run the hard cover case through the binding machine a second time toensure that the glue is properly activated. These units require you to time the documents yourselfwhich makes the binding process much more difficult. Cooling Rack:Most thermal binding machines come with a cooling rack to hold yourdocuments while they cool. This article is designed to help you understand five of themost important features to look for in a thermal binding machine. After checking to make sure that the machineyou are considering comes with a cooling rack it is important to checkand see how many documents the cooling rack can hold, whether thecooling rack is attached to the machine and what the cooling rack ismade of. Thermal binding machines are usually available fordocuments up to 1” thick and for documents up to 2” thick. Herethey are…

    Timer: Most thermal binding machines have abuilt in timer that times the binding cycle and lets you know when itis finished. However, if you plan on binding hard covers with your thermalbinding machine you will want to make sure that it will provideadequate heat to melt the glue through the chip board used in the hardcover.

These five features are useful in comparing the different thermalbinding machines available on the market. However, larger sized carton gluing machine Manufacturers machines arealso required for binding 12” x 12” photobook covers and otheroversized thermal binding covers. If youplan on binding documents that are thicker than one inch you will needto make sure that you buy a thermal binding machine that can handle theextra thickness. However, if you plan on bindingdocuments that are longer than 11” you will need a larger bindingmachine

Recommended Maintenance - Cleaning the Platen 2019-01-11


Recommended Maintenance - Cleaning the Platen

If a Fastback strip gets stuck in the machine or melted to the platen,or if adhesive has spilled out onto the heater plate, you'll need toclean your machine to ensure proper operation. Now inspect the bottom of the binder. Theplaten and back-up bars can be very hot. Wipe off any adhesive on both back-up bars or any of the clampingsurfaces inside the machine. If you have a European model of theFastback 25 you will need to use the key that is provided to open thecover of the machine.


1. This article will give you some basicinstructions for troubleshooting problems with your Fastback 25.Close the cover. Gentlypush the cover backward until it stops in the upright position.

2. Now you can wipe off anyglue with a clean dry cloth.Switch the power off. You canalso peel the adhesive off the upper side of the platen with yourfingers (or a wooden instrument, like a popsicle stick). Itworks just like the hood of a car. Here is how.

. These solutions should only be usedwith the machine is cold.


4. It is important to always wear this glove when workingwith a Fastback machine that hasn't had adequate time to cool.Open the binder cover. Next, using the instructions above, open the cover of your Fastbackmachine to its full upright position.

5.If there is any glue on the platen, this is a good time to clean it.Directly in front of the heating platen is the black metal book rest; flip this up. However, if you notice adhesive is causing you problemsand you can't wait for the machine to cool, you can clean the machinehot. The strip will probably befound here. For North American models you simply reach under the cover, and pullthe release catch forward until the top cover pops up slightly..


If you ever need to work or clean inside the Fastback Photobook Model 25 binder, you must open the cover. First put on the oven mitt (heat protective glove) that came withyour machine..The Fastback 25 photobook binder is aneasy to use machine that is designed to be used as part of the PowisPhotobook Workcell. If the unit has cooled, wipe off any gluewith a cotton cloth dampened in the Citrus cleaning solution. Once the machine is open you willsee the Teflon-coated platen that runs China carton gluing machine Manufacturer across the center of themachine. If can wait for about anhour for your Fastback to completely cool, you should clean the platenwhen it is cold. DO NOT use Icky Sticky Stuff Remover orcitrus solution on the hot platen.. Here is how. Itwill teach you how to open the machine, remove a jammed strip and cleanyour machine. Once you have located the heater plate, you will need to flip up thebook rest to access the top of the platen.


1. However, even easy to use machines can haveproblems from time to time.Using the tongs provided with your Fastback binder, remove the strip from the binder. If it isn't, it is most likely in the feed slot or stuck tothe platen. If the heater plate and components in your machine arecompletely cool, the adhesive should wipe off using a cotton clothdampened in a citrus cleaning solution such as Fastback Icky StickyStuff Remover.  [Załóż blog!] rssSubskrybuj blogi
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